03/31/2017 Reading to second-grade classes in Petersburg, IL

Melissa and Einstein PORTA 2

07/23/2016 Reading in the Children’s Tent at Small Prestivus  Griffith, IN

07/11/2016  Interview on Fox Illinois  Springfield, IL

06/16/2016  Friends of Sangamon County Animal Shelter Fundraiser  Springfield, IL

06/10/2016  Hope Institute summer school readings  Springfield, IL

05/19/2016  Hoogland Center for the Arts  Springfield, IL

03/17/2016  Taylorville Public Library  Taylorville, IL

02/15/2016  Sherman Elementary School  Sherman, IL

12/06/2015  Soul Esteem Center Maryland Heights, MO

12/05/2015  Lincoln Library Springfield, IL

11/25/2015  Winchester Elementary School  Winchester, IL

08/20/2015  Hoogland Center for the Arts  Springfield, IL

08/01/2015  Small Prestivus Literary Festival  Griffith, IN